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Our goal is to provide support, information and friendship for Mothers of Multiples (MOMs) in the Twin Valley cities of Alamo, Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon and Sunol in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

Raising multiples offers unique joys and challenges, and that’s why we hope that you will participate and attend our round table discussions and meetings, come along to our social events and get involved any way you like. We offer a variety of benefits for pregnant moms, new MOMs and babies, as well as MOMs with older children.

What We Offer Our Members

Pregnant and overwhelmed with the thought of having multiples? Have multiples and need camaraderie with someone who’s been there? We are the club for you! Our group offers:

Semiannual Used Clothing and Equipment Sale

Twice a year our club holds a large Used Clothing and Equipment sale (C&E). Not only is it our largest fundraiser for the club, it is also our largest philanthropic effort.  It is a great opportunity for members to both buy and sell gently used items.  As a member of TVMOTC, you are entitled to attend the “Members Only” sale on Friday night before the public sale on Saturday.  Even if you’re not planning on selling anything at the sale, consider working a shift or two.  It is a great way to get involved and to meet other members.

Preganacy Pal

If you are pregnant, you can get a little extra help and moral support from a “pregnancy pal” from within the club. If you are interested in having a pregnancy pal, or being a pregnancy pal, please let the Pregnancy Pal Coordinator know. In the event your babies are born early, we have a Preemie Closet to help you out. Items that are available to check out include a breast pump, breast feeding pillow and preemie clothes. In addition, we have many members who have had premature babies and are available as a source of support. Please contact the Preemie Closet Coordinator at preemiecloset@tvmotc.org for further information.


Our club is dedicated to not only helping and supporting our members, but to also help in the community.  All items left over from our C&E sale are donated to several local charities and individual families. During the holidays, we “adopt” families who are in need. As a member, you can help with our charitable efforts through the C&E sale or helping with the “Adopt a Family” program.  If you know of a family that would welcome a “helping hand” from our club, please contact the VP of Philanthropy at philanthropic@tvmotc.org.


Our very large membership base offers us numerous resources for dealing with many different life experiences. If you have a particular problem that you would like to discuss with someone who has “been there”, please contact the Mom-2-Mom Coordinator for a referral.

Special Events

Three times a year we have special events in lieu of our monthly meetings. In March a “Member of the Year” dinner is held at an area restaurant to honor the member who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the club over the previous year.  In lieu of one of our summer meetings, we have our annual “Get Acquainted Dinner” to welcome new members who have joined over the previous year.  This is a casual event to honor our newest members. Our “Annual Holiday Party” takes place in lieu of our December meeting.  This is a festive event that usually takes place at a member’s home and includes the board installation, Secret Pal revealing, plenty of good food and fun socializing.

Childrens and Adult Socials

We offer member organized children and adult socials. We have had children socials at a park, gym, bowling alley, etc.  Adult socials can include a manicure or pedicure, meeting for coffee or ice cream, dinner and a movie, or scrapbooking.  For more information, contact VP of Socials at socials@tvmotc.org.

Financial Assistance

Confidential financial assistance is available to members in need through the philanthropic fund. Although the club cannot extend personal loans, you may contact the VP of Philanthropy at philanthropic@tvmotc.org if you need assistance paying your club dues or a club activity.