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Seller Information

The upcoming C&E sale is an annual public sale of children’s gently-used clothing and equipment. We sell children’s clothing (up to children’s size 18 yrs/Junior), equipment, toys, books, children’s furniture, and other child related items, as well as maternity clothes.

Anyone is welcome to sell items at the C&E sale, you don’t have to be a member of TVMOTC. 

How Proceeds are Calculated

TVMOTC keeps 25% of the proceeds from member items sold and 40% from non-member items sold. All selling members must work a minimum of one shift. If a selling member does not work a shift, the standard non-member deduction of 40% will apply. All workers (member and non-member) reduce the amount the club keeps of their proceeds by 5% for each shift worked; however, members cannot receive more than 90% and non-members cannot receive more than 80% of their proceeds.

A processing fee of $10.00 for members and $15 for non-members will automatically be deducted from proceed check. The processing fee is used to cover the cost of check printing, mailing supplies, postage, and barcode tag service.

TVMOTC Member Seller Sale Percentage Calculation Examples (plus $10 processing fee)

Member Example #1 (2 Shifts Worked) Member Example #2 (3 Shifts Worked)
Member Profits 75% Member Profits 75%
Shifts Worked (2) 15% Shifts Worked (3) 10%
Total Percentage 90% Total Percentage 85%

Non-Member Seller Sale Percentage Calculation Examples (plus $15 processing fee)

Member Example #1 (2 Shifts Worked) Member Example #2 (3 Shifts Worked)
Non-Member Profits 60% Non-Member Profits 60%
Shifts Worked (2) 10% Shifts Worked (4) 20%
Total Percentage 70% Total Percentage 80%

If a non-member seller sells less than 10 items or has less than $15 in gross sales proceeds, TVMOTC will keep all of that seller’s proceeds.


  1. Non-member sells two items for a total of $20, the Seller will receive a check for the items sold minus applicable shift worked percentage and processing fees (see section: How Do I Get Paid?).
  2. Non-member sells 9 items for a total of $10, TVMOTC reserves the right to retain proceeds.

How Do I Get Paid?

Checks will be mailed out approximately three to six weeks after the sale. 

Steps to Selling Your Items

The steps below are meant to give you an overview of the information you need to sell at our sale. This information is a summary of the information found in our rules. All sellers are required to read and follow the rules of the sale. All sellers are required to read and follow the rules of the sale.

You must have a Seller number to sell at the sale. Once a number is assigned, it will be yours for all future sales unless you do not sell for four consecutive sales, in which case we may inactivate your number and reassign it to another Seller. Seller number must be on all of your tags. Complete the online Seller Number Request form to request a seller number. If you do not hear back from us after a couple of days, please check your bulk/spam/junk folder first before sending an email to sale.number@tvmotc.org

Step 1: Request a Seller Number at sale.number@tvmotc.org or click link and complete information then submit request, click here: Seller Number Request form
Step 2: Select and Package Items to Sell
Step 3: Purchase Tagging Supplies
Step 4: Tag Items
Step 5: Volunteer to Work
Step 6: Drop-Off Items
Step 7: Pick-up Unsold Items

Step 1: Request a Seller Number (if needed)

All sellers must have an assigned seller number. If you already have a seller number, you do not need to request another seller number. Your seller number stays with you from sale to sale. Complete the online Seller Number Request form to request a seller number. If you do not hear from us after a few days, please check your bulk/spam/junk folder first before sending an e-mail to sale.number@tvmotc.org.

If you do not remember your seller number, please e-mail sale@tvmotc.org.

Step 2: Select and Package Items to Sell

The TVMOTC Used Clothing and Equipment Sale provides gently used items for expecting parents and children from infant to teenager. All items go through an inspection. During this time, your items will be rejected if they are on the unacceptable items list in the current rules or if they are stained, ripped, smell, not working, have no batteries, missing parts, etc. In other words, all items are subject to rejection by our inspectors. Please take this into account when selecting items to sell at the sale.

Do not bring any damaged or hazardous/recalled items.

All items must be clean. We cannot accept clothing with worn knees, missing buttons, non-working zippers, etc.. Shoes should be clean and have minimal wear. Toys must have all pieces and be in working condition. Batteries must be in toys that require them to ensure working order. Car seats, strollers and other equipment must be in safe working condition. If you are including an owner’s manual, please attach it to the item. Cribs and similar items should be unassembled with all screws and parts included in a plastic bag taped to the item. Anything in a box must remain UNSEALED until after inspection. Once these items pass inspection they can be sealed. Please do not bring any damaged or hazardous items to sell.

Refer to the current sale rules, which you receive when you become a seller, for specific information on how to prepare and package items. 

Step 3: Purchase Tagging Supplies

You must use tag supplies as described in the rules by TVMOTC. TVMOTC has Tag and Hanger Representatives located throughout the Tri-Valley for your convenience. Please see the rules for contact and location information or e-mail your local representative (see below).

Tag & Hanger Representatives
Location Name E-mail
Danville TBD danville@tvmotc.org
Dublin / San Ramon TBD dublin@tvmotc.org
Livermore Laurie livermore@tvmotc.org
Pleasanton April pleasanton@tvmotc.org
Tagging Supplies
Tagging Item Member Price Non-Member Price
25 sheets of 65 lb white cardstock (makes 200 tags) for barcode tags $3.75 $4.00
150 hangers (limit per supply pick-up) No charge $7.50
10 shoe ties $0.25 $0.50
50 shoe ties $1.00 $1.50
Tagging Gun $15.00 $22.00
8 Strands of Tagging Gun Fasteners (400) $1.00 $1.50

Step 4: Tag Items

You must have a seller number to sell at the sale. Once the number is assigned it will be yours for all future sales. Click here to request a seller number if you don’t already have one.

TVMOTC has contracted with My Consignment Manager, which is a service that allows sellers to enter and manage their items online and create and print barcode tags at home. You can view your scanned sales soon after the Member presale (an email will be sent when ready to view) after the Member presale. Your tags will not be returned to you since your My Consignment Manager account maintains your sale records for you. You can also use My Consignment Manager to project your sales proceeds check.

For more information about creating barcode tags and the proper way to tag items, please refer to the rules and My Consignment Manager instructions that you receive when you request a seller number.

Step 5: Volunteer to Work

Sellers must work at least one shift to sell at the sale. If a seller does not work a shift, the seller will receive the minimum amount of proceeds or 60% minus the applicable processing fee. To review the available shifts, credits, and shift descriptions and to sign up for shifts, go to the Volunteer to Work page.

Step 6: Drop-Off Items

  1. Drop off items at the fairgrounds on Friday between the hours of 10:00AM and 5:00PM (see more info below). 
  2. Clothing must be presorted by size and gender before you drop off your items. Coordinating boy/girl twin clothing may be kept together and sorted by size.
  3. Register at the check-in table before unloading your car. At the check-in, you will be asked where you are dropping off your items. There are two drop off areas.
    1. Speed-thru drop off (ends at 5:00PM). This area will allow you to drop off your items and leave. If any items do not pass inspection they will be donated.
    2. Regular drop off (ends at 4:30PM). This will be for those who wish to have their items inspected while they wait. If there are any unacceptable items, these items will be returned to the seller immediately for removal.
  4. It is your responsibility to remove any boxes, plastic bags, etc.. that you use to transport your items. The Ways & Means Committee is not responsible for disposing of your trash.
  5. During the sale prep, please refrain from selling any items outside the facility.

Step 7: Pick-up Unsold Items

Pick up any unsold items the day of the Public sale between 3:30 pm and 4:15 pm. You may wish to mark your hangers with some distinguishing mark to easily identify your clothes. A ribbon or colored piece of tape works well. It is the participant’s responsibility to pick up their items. Items not picked up by 4:15 pm (no exceptions!) will be sorted by TVMOTC’s Philanthropic Committee and donated to local needy families and child-based agencies by TVMOTC’s Philanthropic Committee. We touch many people’s lives with these donations – please consider us when deciding whether or not to donate.

If you prefer to donate items, please send a message to donate@tvmotc.org and we’ll take everything from there.  Tax donation letter will be provided!