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Shopper Hints

For all you who have never experienced our TVMOTC Clothing and Equipment Sale, it is truly something to behold!

Saturday morning at 8:00 am, the doors will open so our club members and non-member participants may shop. At 9:00 am on Saturday, the sale is open to the public. There is usually a line of 100 or more people when the doors open. This in itself can be a little intimidating!

There are an amazing number of things for sale and just entering the buildings for the first time can be overwhelming. The C&E Sale Committee would like to pass along some “Helpful Hints for Shoppers” that might save you some time and effort and could make your experience more enjoyable. We hope you enjoy your shopping and we look forward to seeing you every year.

Hint 1 Try to leave the little ones at home. It is a rather hurried and chaotic event and it is hard on the little ones. If you have to bring the babies, carry them in a front carrier where you can still have your hands free.
Hint 2 If you are NOT looking for equipment, and just want to do some casual shopping, avoid the mad dash and come in shortly after the doors open. The people that arrive and stand in line prior to the doors opening are the true bargain hunters and usually looking for equipment like swings, strollers, joggers, climbing structures, cribs, high chairs, etc. There is enough clothing to supply most of the kids in California (just kidding … but there are a lot of clothes)!
Hint 3 If you ARE looking for equipment, DO get there early and enjoy the great conversations that are going on in line. It is worth the wait to get the best bargains.
Hint 4 If you ARE looking for equipment, have a wish list of the things that you want and prioritize your list. If getting a crib is the most important thing that day, then you will want to go to that area first. Things are sold very quickly during the first half-hour.
Hint 5 If you do not see exactly what you want with your first wish, then don’t waste a lot of time picking through what is there. Go to the second thing on your wish list and so on. Remember, things go quickly!
Hint 6 When you find the equipment that you want, take it immediately! There are NO HOLDS!
Hint 7 You will need to carry around whatever you wish to buy, or you may take it to the front cashiers, pay for it, take it out to your car AND THEN come back in to finish shopping. You may do this 100+ times a day if need be, we encourage it! You may come and go as you wish – we don’t mind it at all. There are no holds or areas to store purchased items.
Hint 8 If you think you just MIGHT be interested in any equipment, please do not carry it around while you decide. We may ask you to go pay for it and take it out to your car after a short time. We don’t want people to hang on to equipment that they may or may not be purchasing. We WILL ask you to pay for it promptly or put it back. This is to ensure the sale is fair for everyone.
Hint 9 Bring a laundry basket or a couple of oversized bags (or both) to hold clothing or smaller items that you wish to purchase. There are lots of great bargains and your arms will get tired of holding all those things. Baskets or big bags set easily on the floor beside you while you shop.
Hint 10 You may NOT stockpile clothing or other items to be sorted through later. We will be asking everyone with a “big” pile of things to go pay for them. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF EVERYONE THERE AND CHECK THE ITEM BEFORE YOU TAKE IT OFF THE RACK OR TABLE. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU WANT IT, DON’T TAKE IT. IF YOU DO TAKE IT, WE EXPECT YOU TO BUY IT! It is not fair to the other people shopping and the people selling the items for you to hold on to things that you are not sure you want to buy.
Hint 11 Check ALL clothing before you take it off the rack. We check clothing initially at the door but we cannot check every zipper, button, and snap. Please look each item over before you decide to take it. Remember that if you have it in your possession, we trust you are going to pay for it.
Hint 12 Have your budget in mind before you come. There are bargains everywhere. Do not take a lot of clothes (or anything) off the rack and then decide that you have too many items to pay for at the check-out area. This not only ties up the merchandise, but also ties up the check-out lines. Remember that if you have it in your possession, we trust that you are going to pay for it.
Hint 13 The clothing racks are divided into boys on one side of the room and girls on the other. The clothing racks are all marked with sizes just as you would see in a department store. If you are looking for clothing with a size range, for example, 9 to 12 months, you’ll find it in the 9-month racks.
Hint 14 Please look for the toys in the toy room and the large equipment in the equipment room. There will be signs posted showing you the way. There are lots of wonderful finds there. If you do have children with you, be considerate and do not allow them into this area unattended. This is a sale and not a babysitting station.
Hint 15 Each tag has been prepared by the seller, with the description and the price. But be reminded, IF THERE IS NO TAG WE CANNOT SELL THE ITEM. Ask for assistance and we will be glad to look for stray tags! Likewise, if you find a stray tag, please give it to one of the sale workers. It will be placed in the “Lost Tag” box and may allow someone else to take home a treasure.
Hint 16 Be respectful of items. If you see something on the floor, either hang it up or bring it to one of the sale workers. If you decide not to purchase an item, please try to put it back on the right rack for the next shopper.
Hint 17 The Half-Off sale is from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Saturday. Some Tags will have “Discount: Yes,” which indicates the item will be sold for 1/2 the original price. If the tag indicates, “Discount: No,” it will not be sold for 1/2 off. If you see something that indicates “Discount: No,” on the tag and you like it, buy it! It won’t be any cheaper during the 1/2 off sale.