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Volunteer to Work

Volunteer to Work at https://www.tvmotc.org/consignment-sale/volunteer-to-work/

Add, Change, or Cancel Shifts via My Consignment Manager 

To sign up for a shift to work, click here: www.myconsignmentmanager.com. You can return to My Consignment Manager to modify your schedule if necessary. Please return to My Consignment Manager to confirm your schedule.

If you sign up to work a shift and do not show up or find a substitute, you will not receive the shift credit.

Drop-Off While Working

If you are working Friday, Set-Up Shift or Friday, Shift #1, we will give you an opportunity to check-in and drop-off your items. Do not bring your items in until a C & E committee member tells you to bring in your items.

If you are working shifts during designated drop-off times, you must make arrangements to drop-off your items before or after your shift. Please plan accordingly. If you are working Friday Shift #2, plan to drop-off your items after your shift.

For questions or comments about a shift, please e-mail sale.shifts@tvmotc.org.