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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my check?
It can take up to 6 weeks to receive your sale proceeds check. However, we make every effort to send checks as soon as possible.

What are the seller rules?

Click here for a PDF of our full rules.

What happens if I don’t show up for a shift?
You will not receive credit for the shift and you will lose another 5% from your sales proceeds.

Why are sellers required to work?
We ask that sellers support our Clothing and Equipment Sale. The event is solely for the benefit of its participants. TVMOTC no longer receives funds from the sale. If you do not work one shift, you will be changed a $25.00 fee in addition to the 40% retainer and processing fee.

Can I have a friend drop-off my items?
Yes. You must have your friend check-in for you.

Can I have a friend work for me?
Yes. You must schedule your friend to work during shift sign-ups. Please ensure you state that your friend is working for you to ensure proper credit. Additionally, your friend should be able to perform the duties required during the shift.

How do I price my items?
You set your own prices, so you decide what you would like for the item, but keep in mind that people are looking for a bargain. The only restriction is that we ask you to price everything in 50 cent increments. If you don’t, we will round down your price.

Equipment (Strollers, exersaucers, baby carriers, cribs, port-a-cribs, etc.) – Start at 40% of the original price. Increase slightly if the item is in excellent condition and in high demand. Decrease to 25% if the item is not in excellent condition or a popular brand.

Small toys require competitive pricing, usually $ . 50 – $1.00. Only great toys can command a price of $10.

Clothing – People aren’t looking to spend a lot of money. If you have tagged several items over $5, you may need to re-think your pricing strategy. Exceptions may include snow clothes, jackets, costumes, new items with store tags, hard-to-find items, etc.

How do I request a tag ID? 
Email sale.number@tvmotc.org

Can my seller number change?
Your seller number is assigned to you to be used by you from sale to sale. If you do not sell for over several sales, we can deactivate your seller number and eventually re-assign it to another seller. We notify sellers via our communications site that we are planning to deactivate seller numbers. We do not immediately re-assign a seller number to another seller.

I forgot my seller number. How can I get it?
E-mail sale@tvmotc.org.

Who can shop with me during the Member Sale? 
Pregnant members or those members with newborns present (in front carriers only, no strollers) may bring one helper (i.e. spouse/partner, mother, or friend). Otherwise, spouses/partners, children, friends, relatives, etc.. are not allowed at this portion of our sale, but are welcome at the public sale.

What happens if a tag falls off my item?
TVMOTC will not sell any items without a tag. We keep a box of items that do not have tags and a box for tags that do not have items. We make every effort to match tags and items during the sale.

Where do I keep my personal belongings while I am working?
TVMOTC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. You will be given an apron to wear during your shift that has pockets large enough for a wallet and keys.

Why do you impose a minimum items and receipts on non-members?
The club has decided that it no longer wants to dedicate its member volunteers’ time to processing checks for very small amounts. The minimum amount will eliminate processing most, if not all, proceeds checks that are $5.00 or less.

Do you receive your tags after the sale?
You receive your handwritten tags after the sale. Any tags created using My Consignment Manager will not be returned. Your account with My Consignment Manager includes a record of your sales.

Why can’t I enter items in My Consignment Manager after a certain date?
We need to download all sales files of all sellers from My Consignment Manager at least 24 hours prior to the sale and test out the download to ensure everything is working as expected. Please plan accordingly. Once the sale is locked, we will not unlock it until after the sale. You can print tags while the sale is locked, but you cannot enter, edit or delete items.